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~ Bret Michaels | Poison

"Glam Guitars creates personalized artwork at a level much higher than anyone else out there!"

What We’re About

  • Based in Denver, Colorado
  • Experienced Swarovski Crystal Artists
  • Aiming to Raise Money for Nonprofits
  • Send Us Yours - Or, Buy A Guitar from Us!
  • Custom Bling for the Industry’s Top Artists
  • Guitar Straps, Microphones, Merch, & More

Our Mission

For years now, our craftsman have been designing and glamming out instruments with high quality Swarovski Crystals. These Artist Series instruments each have their own story–from the creation of meaningful designs, to playing them on stage, to the celebrity signatures that adorn the surface. Each design has been customized unique to the performer, who in turn, has selected a worthy nonprofit to auction off and receive the net proceeds. It’s a beautiful thing, when multiple forms of art come together to benefit the community.

Now Available to the Public

Now you have access to the same level of expert craftsmanship that we’ve been providing to the stars for years. Whether you are a well known industry performer, or on your way up… our founder and celebrated craftsman, Bill Valaika, and his team will customize a one-of-a-kind design–personalized to you and your story.

Bill Valaika

Founder & Master Craftsman

Jay Friedstein

VP of Artist Relations

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